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Effect of aromatherapy blend essential oils (lemongrass and lemon) on sleep quality in pregnant women's third trimester


Introduction: Many studies have provided non-pharmacological therapies to overcome health problems, including maternal and child health. One is how to overcome sleep disorders often complained about in pregnant women's third trimester. Some previous studies have analyzed aromatherapy using floral fragrances by inhaling aromatherapy oil directly or applied to cotton and using one type of aroma only, while inhalation using a diffuser and combining two or more similar scents have not been studied. The combination of both compositionally and beneficial aromas can complement each other, for example, lemongrass and lemon. This study aimed to examine the impact of essential oils diffuser and mix aromatherapy lemon grass on sleep quality and anxiety levels in pregnant women in their third trimester.

Methods: This study used quasi-experimental studies with one group pre-test and post-test. The research sample is 48 pregnant women in the third trimester of Wonokromo were selected with simple random sampling. The Independent variable is aromatherapy interventions (blended lemongrass and lemon) inhalation using diffuser, while the dependent variables are sleep quality. Data collection instrument using Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Data analysis using Wilcoxon test with α=0.05.

Results: After being given aromatherapy intervention, almost all respondents have good sleep quality, 8-point increase in average sleep quality score. The results of the Wilcoxon test obtained a value of ρ = 0.01.

Conclusion: Essential oils diffuser blend aromatherapy of lemongrass and lemon effectively improves the sleep quality of third-trimester pregnant women. Aromatherapy makes participants feel relaxed, comfortable, and feel sleepy better. For health workers, this technique can be one of the practical options for non-pharmacological therapy to decrease discomfort during pregnancy.


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